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For up-to-date information about the markets, companies and people moving the cycling industry forward, professionals turn to Bike Europe. We offer up-to-the-minute breaking news, in-depth reports, the latest product information, and complete coverage of major industry events, both online and in our print edition.

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Every day thousands of professionals from the bicycle industry know where to find us. Via the site, newsletters and Bike Europe Magazine we keep them informed with need-to-know information and insights.

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55.000 visitors (unique per month)

Average number of visitors per month over the past year.

22.000 newsletter subscribers (English)

The newsletter of Bike Europe (English) is published 3x a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

2.600 subscribers newsletter (Chinese)

The Bike Europe (Chinese) is published once a week on Thursday.

13.500 copies of Bike Europe

Bike Europe magazine is published 6x a year.

Target groups

The main target groups are international e-bike and bicycle manufacturers and professionals in the industry. A selection of the target groups we reach:

Manufacturers and suppliers
Importers, distributors and agencies
Cycling industry allies
Wholesalers and retailers

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Besides the Bike Europe Magazine and our site Bike Europe offers up-to-minute breaking news, in-depth reports and the latest product information. We offer different themed newsletters focussing on E-bikes, Market Reports and Product & Innovations. Bike Europe covers the news as it happens and provides the information needed to understand the industry.

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Bike Europe offers a wide choice of very effective possibilities: from advertising, bannering to building thought leadership through content marketing. Do you want to stand out? Here are some possibilities to put your product on the stage.


Bike Europe offers a spotlight for presentation of your product innovations. Do you want to get the most out of the Bike Europe platform? We have the perfect offer:

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  • 1/4 Print page

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